Aboriginal Alcohol & Drug Worker Program

Assist Indigenous & Aboriginal people who live in the Niagara catchment area in their search for a healthy lifestyle that excludes drugs, gambling and alcohol abuse. This includes initial contact, assessments, peer counselling, assistant, assistance with treatment planning and especially aftercare plans. The venue chosen is a blend of traditionally based approaches and mainstream methods with a decided emphasis on the traditional. The clients’ personal choices regarding religious/spiritual practice must always be considered when developing a plan of care.

  • One to one discussions on the use of the four main medicines, the medicine wheel, & the seven grandfathers teaching in daily life.
  • Smudging, pipe, & sweat lodge (Inipi) ceremonies
  • Group sessions, based on talking circles.
  • Referrals to FENFC programs as needs arise.
  • Referrals to mainstream for areas not covered by FENFC programs (ie: psychiatrists)
  • Referrals to assessment and treatment centres.
  • Guidance for self-healing journey (vision quest, fast)
  • Referrals to Three Fires Alternative justice if warranted.

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