Apatisiwin Employment Unit


Photo courtesy of Kris Dube | Times Review

Provides strength, promotes self-reliance, enhance the unity of our people, and improve opportunities for meaningful employment through self-determined activities and building employment and training capacity. This program services Indigenous people who are non-status, unaffiliated to a First Nation or status Indians for other provinces who reside in Ontario.

Apatisiwin is designed to ensure that the strategic priorities of Aboriginal Skill Employment and Training Strategy (ASETS) are achieved.

In general Apatisiwin activities support priority action n four areas: Career preparation and supports for youth. Job and Education Placement. On-the-Job supports and Retention, and Partnership.

Apatisiwin offers employment and training opportunities and other activities designed to support and promote education and employment outcomes for urban Aboriginal people residing in Ontario. Employment Counsellors work to identify eligible clients and determine the supports neede to address employment barriers through client assessments and the development of an action plan.

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