Call For Action | CRA and OI Leasing

Chief Isadore Day has had enough and initiated a call to action regarding the CRA and OI Leasing attack on Indigenous workers. 


When poverty becomes a weapon against our must be fought against --- this is clearly violence against our people.

It SICKENS ME to watch every person under the pain, agony; suffering of the shameful assault of financial violence from CRA.

Let me say it unapologetically #FUCRA I absolutely hate what you are doing to our people. I'm not going to let up until we have solutions and relief for our people that you are slowly killing every day!

OI Leasing Victims -- I am sorry that you are experiencing this assault --- it is inhumane, it is unnecessary, and it must not be ignored.

OI Leasing Victims deserve tax exemption just like so many experience everyday -- especially in light of the fact that they are TREATY PEOPLE who were told that they had these rights -- and more so because many of us have obtained and continue to have our TAX EXEMPTION RIGHTS respected.

National Chief Perry Bellgarde... you said you would help -- well...we as a national executive must help -- I can't stand back continuing to watch FN citizens from Ontario wait under empty words -- we need action; we need this to be a priority. We need you to take this issue out from under the stack of issues and you need to follow up with this like you said you would. I AM DEMANDING A MEETING WITH CRA AND OUR EXECUTIVE MEMBERS WHO WILL SUPPORT THE OI LEASING VICTIMS.

The unfortunate reality -- many have went to their grave with the boot of CRA pushing down on their backs so much, I believe that this financial violence has contributed to their dying. THIS IS WRONG!!

Chiefs -- our People, many whom are single moms, many have lost their homes, many who are physically sick from the direct violence they are absorbing by CRA, many who hate waking up to the financial burden of paying 🇨🇦 EVERYDAY for something which is right. Chiefs --- they NEED US!

Scott McLeodDean SayersPatricia BigGeorge,Kathy KishiquebJanice HendersonJason GauthierReg NiganobeDuke PeltierPatsy CorbiereJoel Abram, ..... and others.....WE MUST PUSH BACK AGAINST CRA on this one --- they are impacting our people. Our people need us to take action.

Deborah Richardson-Goulais Carolyn Bennett Jane Philpott -- you know about the victimization of the OI Leasing case;... it is shameful it is wrong and we need you to HELP!! I am demanding a meeting with CRA and it would be important that you are there to understand what the hell the Canadian Revenue Agency is doing to slowly kill our people.

I am going to plan a gathering where we discuss this from the perspective of finding a solution and finally rid of CRA off of the weary backs of our people.

PLEASE stand up against the CRA and their assault against OI Leasing Victims.




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