Staff Directory

Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre



Jennifer Dockstader, Executive Director ext.227 • Email Jennifer

Alana Porter, Executive Assistant ext.226  • Email Alana

Christina Zimak, Finance ext.229 • Email Christina

Ashley Upper, Administrative Assistant ext. 271 

Jennaleigh Graham, Reception ext.221  • 

Crystal John, Domestic Engineer ext.240 • Email Crystal


Courage to Soar - Education

Dianna Sowden, Education Administrator ext.228 • Email Dianna

Ryan Bell, Teacher ext.260 


Katkwenyes Literacy

Jessica Durand, Program Coodinator ext.237 • Email Jessica

Sabrina Shawana, Literacy Instructor ext.269 • Email Sabrina

Yvette Boutcher, Literacy Assistant ext.222 • Email Yvette

Pauline Horton, ACE Coordinator ext.268 • Email Pauline


Employment Services

Kathleen Moses, Apatisiwin / UAESP ext.238 • Email Kathleen

Michael Summers, Apatisiwin / CCD ext.234 • Email Michael

Judith Knight, Program Services Officer ext.239 • Email Judith


Child & Family Resource

Doreen Hill, CAPC ext.235 • Email Doreen

Julie Buckshot, Prenatal APN Worker ext.236 • Email Julie

Vacant, Program Coordinator ext.  •

Beverly Hill, AHBHC ext.232 - Email Beverly 


FENFC Programs

Kathy Sloggett, Court Worker ext.231 • Email Kathy

Geralda Jamieson, Life Long Care ext.230 • Email Geralda

Karen Hilston, Life Long Care ext.230 • Email Karen

Susan Fyke, Healing & Wellness ext.225 •

James Maloney, Alcohol & Drug Worker ext.266 • Email James

Dave Labbe, Kizhaay Anishnaabe Niin ext.266 • Email Dave

Betty Ireland, Mental Health ext.243 • Email Betty

Rachel Moses, Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living ext. • Email Rachel

Judy Doxtator, Health Outreach ext.241 • Email Judy

Charlene Ireland, Akwe:go ext.223 • Email Charlene

Shannon Cotter, Wasa-Nabin ext.259 • Email Shannon

Vacant, YES Program ext. •

Gary Parker, Cultural Coordinator ext. • Email Gary

Emily Schutt, Youth Navigator ext.• Email Emily

Karl Dockstader, Anti-Racism Program Coordinator ext. Email Karl

Amy Brunning, Indigenous Homeward Bound Coordinator

 Email Amy      


Wakanioten - Under the Rainbow Childcare Services

Carrie Gordon, Administrator  • Email Carrie

Jennifer Slute, R.E.C.E

Pina Dicarlo, R.E.C.E

Julie Mesi, R.E.C.E

Shannon Schwab, R.E.C.E

Karen Knutt, R.E.C.E

Kristen Van Heeren, R.E.C.E

Karen Loggie, R.E.C.E

Paddy Saari, R.E.C.E

Kim Beam, R.E.C.E

Rachel Cashmore, R.E.C.E

Mia Wilson, R.E.C.E

Jenn Mentle, R.E.C.E

Vacant, Maintenance/Housekeeping


Aboriginal Headstart

Danielle Longboat, Program Co-ordinator  • Email Danielle

Trudy Hill, Parent Co-ordinator  • Email Trudy

Louise King, RECE

Krista Hill, RECE

Adrienne Smoke, RECE

Carla Andolino, Cook

Maurice Richard, Van Driver

Jackie Lint- Maracle, Maintenance

Kristi Talbot, Cultural and Language Consultant