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Staff Directory

Executive Director, Jennifer Dockstader ext.227 • Email Jennifer
Director, Riley Zimak ext.235 • Email Riley
Executive Assistant, Megan Klauck ext.226 • Email Megan
Finance, Christina Zimak ext.229 • Email Christina
Human Resources, Kathleen Moses ext.238 • Email Kathleen
Reception ext.221 • Email


Courage to Soar - Education
Education Administrator ext.228 • Email

Katkwenyes (Literacy)
Katkwenyes Coordinator ext.268 • Email
Katkwenyes Instructor ext.269 • Email


Employment Services
Apatisiwin ext.222 • Email
YES Coordinator ext.270 • Email

Tshikeksa Child & Family Resource
CAPC ext.1 • Email
Prenatal APN Worker ext.2 • Email
Tshikeksa Assistant • Email
Child & Family Resource Coordinator ext.4 • Email
AHBHC • Email


FENFC Programs
Court Worker ext.247 • Email
Life Long Care ext.230 • Email
Life Long Care ext.234 • Email
Alcohol & Drug Worker ext.225 • Email
Kizhaay Anishnaabe Niin ext.266 • Email
Mental Health ext.277 • Email
Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living ext.223 • Email
Health Outreach ext.278 • Email
Akwe:go ext.245 • Email
Wasa-Nabin ext.275 • Email
Cultural Coordinator ext.273 • Email
Youth Navigator ext.241 • Email
Indigenous Homeward Bound ext.276 • Email
Program Cook ext.279 • Email
Building Maintenance ext.240 • Email


Wakanioten - Under the Rainbow Childcare Services
Administrator  • Email

Aboriginal Headstart
Program Co-ordinator  • Email
Parent Co-ordinator  • Email

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