Treaty Recognition Talk

Moccasin Talks Speaker Series: Dialogue with Allan Jamieson Sr. on Treaties and the Impact on the Truth and Reconcilitation's future.

"Our people wove wampum beads to record agreements with other nations, I will bring some replica wampum belts and discuss their meanings. The Truth and Reconciliation should begin with settler governments honouring those treaties" Allan Jamieson Sr. Elder of the Cayuga Nation Wolf Clan of the Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. 

We will be uncovering many treaty myth, beliefs and Truths during this dialogue. Guests will have the opportunity to interact during the Q&A and are encourage to ask questions which hopefully will bring clarity to mainstream about some very difficulty realities we all need to face in order to move forward in strength, peace, harmony, friendship and unity. 

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