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YES Program

Loss of Indigenous identity leaves vulnerable Indigenous youth. The aim of the project is establishing and restoring Indigenous Traditional knowledge to Indigenous Youth and translating this knowledge into practical everyday application. This knowledge can then be shared with the Indigenous community and applied in a peer to peer format which will assist other youth in schools. The confidence gained by the youth who are engaged in this program has direct application to themselves and their wellbeing as well as benefitting all in society.


Collaborate with youth in assessing their needs, barriers and strengths while assisting and supporting youth in creating a plan to address their needs. Provide appropriate supports to ensure said plans are carried out. Assisting youth in adjusting plan as necessary to ensure youth are successful also help with youth long and short goals. Assisting youth with long and short term goals. Conduct follow up activities as part of the action plan as agreed upon by youth. Give referrals to appropriate services as needed and explain the roles and responsibilities of all parties concerned when assisting youth through referral process and case management process

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