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Akwe:go (All of us) Program

Provides urban Aboriginal children with the support tools and healthy activities. This will build and foster their inherent ability to make healthy choices. The program had been specifically designed to provide a comprehensive programme to urban Aboringal Children between the ages of 7-12.

  • To ensure the development and implementation of a full range of program services

  • To ensure that the Akwe:go program is grounded in culture based child development principles and practices

  • To promote awareness and ensure access to the Akew:go program

  • To promote the development of protocols and referral agreements as appropriate to meet the developmental needs of Aboriginal children in the community

  • To conduct a needs assessment for children and to develop a plan of action to meet the needs of children referred to the Akwe:go program

  • To refer children to appropriate services as required to meet the needs of the children and to document the results of these referrals

  • To initiate and participate in case conferences as necessary to ensure needs of children are met

  • To co-ordinate individual and group activities (physical, social) as required to meet needs of program clients

  • To ensure supervision of all Akwe:go program activities

  • To ensure the maintenance for secure and confidential filing system as required under the File Maintenance Policy of the OFIFC

  • To provide accurate records and report of Akwe:go Program activities and needs

  • To participate in training and evaluation process to ensure continued growth and development of the Akwe:go program

  • To ensure a balance of approaches is available to meet the needs of all children attending and participating in the program

  • To liaise with community children’s services

  • To assist in children’s development through increasing life skill, safety awareness and anti-violence training

  • To increase cultural understanding of children and their families

  • To engage in “one to one” counseling and support, as children require

  • To promote inter-generational activities

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