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Call: 905-871-8931
796 Buffalo Road, Fort Erie, Ontario
Aboriginal Family Services • Tshikeksa • Early ON • Cultural Family Resource
Call: 289-476-1315

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Providing Feedback

If you have something to share about a program, service, or experience at the Friendship Centre, you can speak with a staff member directly or contact the Privacy Officer. If you indicate a concern and provide your contact information, a staff member will work with you to address it.

We also conduct Client Satisfaction Surveys throughout the year that provide an opportunity to share your feedback.


You may direct any questions or concerns about how we handle personal information to our Privacy Officer. If you can’t resolve your concern by working with the Privacy Officer, you may contact our Executive Director for more help:

Privacy Officer, 905-871-8931 or

Executive Director, 905-871-8931 or

Executive Director, 796 Buffalo Road, Fort Erie, Ontario L2A-5H2

Click Here for clients rights and responsibilities.

Click Here for complaint process

Click Here for applying for status information.

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