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Food Security and Land-based Connections at the Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre

Beginning in 2020, COVID-19 has had a significant impact in our communities.

Grocery store prices continue to rise, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

We knew ….

Healthy diets are critical for immune capacity and mental health. We needed to stay open and stand by our mission ‘Stronger Together”.

We responded …

o Food bank was launched in 2020 and serves more than 250 people every month

o Good Food Box is given out to more than 75 families

o Weekly meals are prepared.

o We grew 4 acres of white corn and squash through the new Traditional Food Program.

Anchor 1
Sprouting Field
Husking Circle

o We are planting a Food Forest with more than 600 different edible fruits, nuts and plants. The FENFC’s Food Forest began as a vision in 2021. Our goals are to reclaim and revitalize the natural landscape’s productivity and create outdoor spaces for programming such as an outdoor classroom, a children’s exploration area and private counselling niches.

o With expanded access to outdoor spaces, we hope to increase everyone’s sense of safety and reduce risk exponentially. It will provide safe activities for volunteers to participate and contribute and come together again.

Our organization received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resilient Communities Fund to design a local Indigenous food system and create an environment where Indigenous languages and ceremonies strengthen community connections and resilience. Land-based program space is a cultural necessity, it is key to community resilience. In our language, we are all ‘onkwehonweh’ which is the recognition of our responsibility to Creation and the land.

What is the Resilient Communities Fund?

This fund supports the recovery efforts of organizations impacted by COVID-19 and helps them respond with immediate, medium, and longer-term recovery projects.

Special Thanks to the Ontario Trillium Foundation!

Ontario Trillium Foundation
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