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Cultural Resource Coordinator Program

Children and youth who are grounded in culture and who have positive associations with Indigenous identity and culture are far more likely to transition into adulthood as confident, capable and prepared. Connectedness to culture for children and youth is critical aspect of development and holistic well-being. The Cultural Resource Coordinator Program provides, youth and their families with access to cultural knowledge through a range of approaches, all of which are to be designed to foster a strong sense of well-being and positive Indigenous identity.

The Cultural Resource Coordinator is the point person in the Friendship Centre who provides a consistent cultural framework across the Centre and all programs. The Cultural Resource Coordinator provides or facilitates access to traditional and traditional people as needed, and using a prevention lens, to meet the needs of children, youth and families as a priority. The Cultural Resource Coordinator works to promote cultural awareness, safety and competency within the Friendship Centre and Friendship Centre communities.


  • To facilitate increased access to culture and cultural knowledge within the Friendship Centre, with children, youth and families as the priority, and from a perspective that promotes healing and wellness. 

  • To ensure safe transmission of cultural knowledge for Friendship Centre communities.

  • To promote a positive sense of Indigenous identity among children, youth and families.

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