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Wasa-Nabin (Looking Ahead) Program

The Wasa-Nabin program is grounded in cultural traditions providing a sense of belonging for urban Indigenous children and youth ages 13 – 18. The program offers a variety of strategies such as one-to-one activities, group activities, leadership opportunities and family circles to encourage positive behaviours and wellbeing. The program provides individualized goals to enhance the child or youth’s area of need; supporting social skills, educational intervention, individuals with disabilities, violence prevention, justice supports, children in care or at risk of being in the care of the Children’s Aid Society, 2SLGBTQ+ supports, and positive nutrition and physical activity practices. The Wasa-Nabin program provides a space where urban Indigenous children and youth can feel safe to be themselves and accepted.
An added component of the Wasa-Nabin program is the Student Nutrition Program (SNP). The SNP seeks to improve the ability of children and youth to concentrate and succeed, both in school and daily life, through the provision of healthy meals and snacks.  

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